Thursday, September 26, 2013

2013 Bonneville Record Setting - That's a Wrap!

With the changing of the seasons comes the end of the 2013 competition season at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Likewise this means the completion of our efforts with the 2 Wheels 4 Kids BMW S1000RR. We had a great time racing the 2 Wheels 4 Kids entry at both the 65th Annual Bonneville Speed Week and at the 10th Annual BUB Speed Trials. We made a total of 12 passes across the legendary salt and through the iconic "measured mile," most of which were over 180 mph. In the final accounting we logged a fastest mile pass at 185.657 mph on August 26th and, with an average speed of 182.262 mph over two consecutive passes on August 28th, established a new AMA record for the 1000cc "gas" unfaired class (pending final certification by the AMA.)
The most satisfying part of all is that we've, once again, been able to help and support the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer with both increased awareness and with donations. We are especially grateful to our corporate and personal "Pledge Sponsors" who have agreed to donate $1.00 per mph (or in some cases even more) for our fastest pass of the season. Each of the pledge partners is going to ante up $185.65 and with their help we'll generate several thousand dollars for the AHFPC.
We're now changing gears and returning the 2 Wheels 4 Kids BMW S1000RR to it's standard, street, configuration. It will subsequently be sold with net proceeds going to the Austin Hatcher Foundation. Somebody's going to end up with a really cool bike that's got a great back-story! Stay tuned for the details. Sincere thanks once again to the supporting sponsors who make all of this possible -, Brock's Performance, Ballistic Performance Components, Kryptonite Lock, Precision Race Services, Worldwide Bearings, KWS Motorsports, Knecum Performance Engines, Carpenter Racing, Pit Bull, and Pandora's European Motorsports.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kryptonite. Not much good for Superman. REALLY helpful for us!

With just 8 more days until we depart for Bonneville, there is still plenty to do. The focus this afternoon was on the truck and trailer worklist. Including a security item or two.

One of the items that is always thought provoking on a trip like this is the threat of theft or vandalism to a truck and trailer packed to the gills with some pretty pricey hardware. We'll be in transit to Bonneville over a period of 4+ days, and on the road for almost a month by the time it's all said and done - truck stops, restaurants, gas stations, hotels. You know the routine. Yes, we're very rigorous about securely locking everything up, parking in well lighted locations and have even been known to do such unnatural acts as removing the fuel pump relay from the truck while parked overnight. Still, you never know. I have friends who have had entire racing rigs disappear - never to be seen again.

This year we have a new card to play in the battle against theft. A trump card! Our good friends at Kryptonite Lock recently introduced to the Powersports community their RealTime GPS-Based Security and Locating System.

The Kryptonite RealTime GPS system was designed to be installed on any powersports vehicle - bike, scooter, ATV,whatever. The smallish module can be installed out of sight on the vehicle.
In addition to it's ability to broadcast it's location and speed when interrogated via the easy to use online software, the unit can be programmed to disable the starting circuit as well as many other useful features. You can learn lots more at We're using the RealTime GPS unit in a slightly different way. We've installed it to my trailer with it's own dedicated 12 Volt battery as a power source. When sitting overnight we can interrogate the module and establish it's location (hopefully the hotel parking lot!) As an example, earlier this afternoon I confirmed it was parked in my driveway.

Yeah, I know, I could have looked out the window. ;) Here's the feature we REALLY like. The unit can be configured to report , via a cell phone message, that it has been moved. Our new overnite routine goes like this - park the truck/trailer, configure the unit to report movement via a cell phone message (the system calls this a "towing alarm"), go to the hotel for a good night's sleep, and hope that the cell phone doesn't start beeping it's little heart out and wake us with a text message like this:

If it does, at least we know what to do. Start tracking the vehicle and get on the horn to the Gendarmes! Quickly.

Easy to install. Easy to configure. Confidence inspiring. Reasonably priced. And maybe even the secret to better nights' sleep while on the road to the Bonneville Salt Flats. Or anywhere.

The Kryptonite RealTime GPS-Based Security and Locating System. Available through Kryptonite Dealers nationwide.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

With just eleven days until we depart for Bonneville, there's plenty to do and time is becoming short. Over the next few days the focus will be on wrapping up the remaining details of bike prep. By the beginning of next week the focus will begin to shift to the loading and travel prep parts of the process in anticipation of the 2500+ mile truck ride that is ahead of us. At least we'll look good which traveling and competing - the team t-shirts have arrived.
We've got great sponsors and supporters and are proud to wear the colors and logos of each and every one!!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wind Tunnel and Dyno Testing!!!!

Things are progressing nicely with the 2 Wheels 4 Kids BMW / Bonneville Project. We spent the earlier part of this week on a very nice tour of the Southeastern United States. No, not a motorcycle tour. Rather, this was a visit to two very important testing locations. On Monday we spent time at the A2 Wind Tunnel in Mooresville, NC. Can't say too much about how helpful these wind tunnel tests are. As usual, we learned a LOT!

And kind of wore ourselves out in the process

That testing complete, we loaded up once again and headed for Charleston, SC and to our friends at KWS Motorsports where we spent Tuesday on the dynamometer tuning and tweaking the BMW S1000RR. We've got an incredible engine development team behind us and suffice to say it now runs great and makes excellent power. Thanks so much to everyone on the engine team - Knecum Performance Engines, Carpenter Racing, Brock's Performance, and KWS. Take a look at the video and see if you don't think this sounds great! Check it out here.

Screamin'. Right? We're not exactly interested in sharing the gory details of horsepower level or aero drag. Suffice to say, we're confident that we can go fast enough to capture the Bonneville record that we're shooting at! That's all you can ask. Right? There's still plenty of work to be done before we hit the road on August 4th but we're feeling increasingly good about our prospects. And, in any case, this program is going to help out the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer whether we capture a record or not. Contact us at if you'd like to help!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's the fourth of April and, incredible as it seems, in exactly four months the truck and trailer will be rolling out of my driveway and headed westward to the Bonneville Salt Flats. Much has been happening and there is still plenty of scheduled action between today and that August departure.

Our engine development team has been mighty busy. The specially modified cylinder head from Carpenter Racing ( is complete and in hand, as are our Titanium connecting rods and lots of other "trick" stuff. Over the next several weeks master engine builder Steve Knecum of Knecum Performance Engines ( will be working his magic by assembling our 1000cc BMW monster. When the engine's ready it'll get plugged into the chassis and then it'll be off to both the A2 Wind Tunnel in Mooresville, NC and then over to KWS Motorsports ( N. Charleston, SC for dyno tuning. If, and only if, all that activity goes according to plan, the competition debut of our unfaired "Hooligan BMW" could come as early as the June 7-8 meet of the East Coast Timing Association on the "Ohio Mile" course in Wilmington, Ohio. In any case, over the next thirty days or so we will file entries for both the 65th Annual Bonneville SpeedWeek and the 10th Annual BUB Speed Trials, both held on the legendary Utah Salt Flats in August.     

At least as exciting as all that race prep progress are developments surrounding our initiatives in support of the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer ( We are pleased to introduce the Corporate Supporters who have already stepped up as Hatcher Foundation Pledge Partners. Each has committed to donating $1.00 per MPH for our fastest speed through the measured mile at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2013. They are:

Suffice to say we are delighted to have each of these pledge partners on board in support of the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer. We'll be telling you more about each of these partners, as well as our other great product supporters as we go along. In the meantime, check them out by clicking on their tabs at the top of the page. Gotta go now.Hey, there's a lot to do and only four months to do it!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ballistic Performance Components joins our list of supporters!

Ballistic Performance Components is the maker of the amazing killer LiFeP04 powersports batteries. Super light weight, and amazing cranking power! It's just what we'll need to crank that high compression BMW S1000RR at the Bonneville Salt Flats in August. Check 'em out at With Ballistic now on board as a 2W4K supporter we've got that starting task handled! Thanks Ballistic for caring enough to join us in our parallel efforts - namely going fast and helping the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer (

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2 Wheels 4 Kids Takes a New Turn !

I’m pleased to announce that 2Wheels4Kids will continue as an ongoing initiative to raise funds and awareness for selected children’s charities through motorcycle based events and adventures.

One year ago 2Wheels4Kids raised thousands of dollars with an 11,000+ mile ride around the USA in support of the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer ( )

For 2013 we’re changing gears a bit. And speeds. Rather than ride thousands of miles around the country on public highways, I’ll only be riding one mile. But what a mile that is. The famed “measured mile” at the Bonneville Salt Flats, where performance enthusiasts have been setting speed records in cars and on motorcycles for the better part of a century.  

In partnership with Pandora’s European Motorsports of Chattanooga, TN. ( I’ll be privileged to compete at Bonneville on a specially prepared BMW S1000RR motorcycle. This 2013 program aspires to duplicate last year’s fund raising success and to raise further awareness for the Austin Hatcher Foundation by successfully establishing several new motorcycle speed records on Utah's legendary salt flats. 

My little Pennsylvania based PerformanceWerx racing team will compete with a very special BMW S1000RR. The class leading 1000cc Sportbike is being uniquely modified to compete in the unfaired, “naked” or so-called”streetfighter” configuration that is so popular among custom bike enthusiasts. Firmly in the team’s crosshairs are “naked” benchmarks in the record books of both major Bonneville sanctioning bodies, the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) and the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA.) Why a “naked” bike? It’s fairly simple. The unfaired bikes are pretty close to my heart.I set my first Bonneville record on a naked bike in 2008, and also earned membership in the exclusive Bonneville 200MPH Club on a naked bike. Besides, some of us think the look is mega cool. We’ve taken to calling ours the Hooligan BMW!”  In due course entries will be filed for the 65th Annual Bonneville SpeedWeek, August 10-16, 2013 as well as the 10th Annual Bub Speed Trials ( ) on August 25-29. 

PerformanceWerx has pledged $1.00 to the Austin Hatcher Foundation for each MPH top speed achieved in officially sanctioned competition at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2013. But that is just a beginning. We invite other interested supporters to join us in this campaign.

Additional details regarding the program and the innovative ways that supporting sponsors can become involved will be announced in the coming weeks!

Exactly six months from today we will be at Bonneville. WooHoo!